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Mautic is a marketing automation software platform and the most important open source alternative to systems such as Hubspot, Pardot and Marketo. With a state-of-the-art interface, it offers all the features needed to automate processes in inbound marketing, including workflows, landing pages, e-mail / SMS / social marketing and behavior-based targeting of anonymous website visitors ("smart" or "predictive" content).

The Mautic project is led by Mautic Inc., founded in 2014, the co-founder of which is Mautic mastermind David Hurley. Mautic as well as other providers offer a SaaS variant as a hosted service, but above all, Mautic can be operated independently.

Mautic has already found widespread use over a short period of time with over 200,000 applied organizations. Usage as well as the open source community continue to grow strongly, with particular emphasis in North and South America and Europe.

Mautic Overview in 60 Seconds

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People love to poke around. For instance, see the URL of a Mautic asset and try to access the root page of that domain. What do they see? The Mautic login screen. Not good!

Best practice is to redirect that access to some other URL, e.g. your main website. Here is how you do that, properly.

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Double Opt-In (DOI) is annoying, but mostly considered necessary - and thus should at least work smoothly. In fact, it takes this little trick to achieve just that!

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Mautic provides extensive and useful A/B testing for email, but there is another channel for which we would like to have A/B testing options: Mautic Focus Items. With a few tricks and hard-coded statistics, we created our own A/B analysis.

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