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  • Autonomy day! (feat. Ruth Cheesley)
    ➤ Multi domain ➤ Form Designer plugin ➤ Advanced Templates ➤ Ecommerce Bundle ➤ Generic Conditions ➤ Tag-Filter for Dynamic Content ➤ Mautic Sprint Vienna - 21st/22nd July ➤ Mautic Conference Global - 20th/21st June

  • Teaching and Learning (feat. Kauê Linden)
    plus ➤Email Bounce Handling ➤Housekeeping ➤Pipedrive ➤Vonage ➤ChatGPT ➤Whatsapp ➤Forms without Cookie ➤Notes for Contacts ➤Oracle OCI ➤Stats

  • The Mautic Vision (feat. Ruth Cheesley)
    plus ➤Subscription Handling, Focus Items in DWC, Elementor, Multi-Tenancy, Multi-Domain, Alternative Text Editors, Nomad, Mtalkz SMS, Rocket.Chat, Laravel Wrapper, Mautic as a generic "State Machine"

(All episodes) (German version)