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  • Universal Chat (Feat. Andreas Stuber)
    Mautic 4.4, Inboxing Analysis+Spam Testing, Sending Form data to diff. Recipients, Programming GrapesJS, Email Feature Requests, Stakk, Dev Manual, Interview A.Stuber, Mautic Conf. Global Review+Videos, Mautic Conference South America - São Paulo 11/2022

  • The Mautic Conference Program (feat. Madlen Friedrich)
    Mautic 4.3, Custom Objects, SMS Reader, Universal Chat, n8n, understanding permissions and cache, time based campaigns, Community events, Season of Docs

  • Mautic, Feeding into Trello as a Sales Board (feat. Adrian Schimpf)
    And: Mautic 4.2.1, Marketplace, Composer, Mautic Roadmap, Builder Roadmap, Birthday Campaign, Restrict Export, Gautit Backup Plugin, No more Sending through Gmail, Mautic Sprint Budapest, Favour Kelvin, Developer Days, Mautic Sprint DACH, Mautic Conference Online (06/2022), Suggest Location for next Mautic Conference (11/2022)

(All episodes) (German version)