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Our three latest episodes

These are our three latest episodes

  • Special: Recording from Community Announcements
    Multiple major changes in product development, community structures and accessibility, and about Mautic 3. And of course about founder DB Hurley moving on to a part-time role as Mautic ambassador, and Ruth Cheesley to be the new project lead.

  • Mautic goes Shopify (feat. Alex Hammerschmied)
    Also: New plugin for backups, email domains and email service integration, email reply detection, Google Season of Docs, MautiCon on Nov/3, 2020

  • Mautic for Startups and Enterprises (feat. Mohammed Abu Musa)
    ...and on Zapier&Integromat, Hubspot vs. Mautic. Also: DB Hurley as non-Acquia Mautic project lead, MautiCon date poll, Mautic 2.16.2 Released, Mautic Database Housekeeping, Report from the All-Virtual Mautic Sprint, Leon now Mautic Team Lead “Education”