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Our three latest episodes

These are our three latest episodes

  • Mautic on Kubernetes (feat. Jordan Ryan)
    Keyboard Shortcuts, Whatsapp, Shopware 6, Include tags etc. in import / export, Mautic Database Housekeeping & Cleanup, Featured Cron / Console Command: Deduplicate, Mautic on Kubernetes (feat. Jordan Ryan), Mautic Bounty Program, Mauticon 2021 Date

  • Using Scoring with Mautic Points (feat. Chandan Sharma)
    Release 3.2.5 / Security Releases 2.16.5 and 3.2.4, Integrately Workflow Automation, Mautic behind Reverse Proxy, YouTube Channels on Mautic: Antonio Lazzari, Joey Keller, Interview: Using Scoring with Mautic Points, Sponsoring / Funding

  • Omnichannel & Voice with Mautic (feat. Gaurav Mishra)
    Mauticast Newsletter Mautic 3.2.2 Xmas Release Upcoming Security Updates Email Verification Crowd Funding Email Deliverability OSTraining Tutorial: Anniversary Campaign Interview: Omnichannel & Voice with Mautic (feat. Gaurav Mishra) MautiCon 2021