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Our three latest episodes

These are our three latest episodes

  • The Power of Mautic in Email Marketing (feat. Joey Keller)
    Sample Lead Campaign, HTML in contact fields, Stages Best Practices, Forum #commercial, Sponsoring Mautic, Save UTM in Contact, MautiCon Call For Speakers (closing soon!), great Mautic Meetup Lagos talks on Youtube

  • MautiCon - Call for Papers! (Feat. Ruth Cheesley)
    Mautic 3.1 Released, In-depth Amazon SES setup guide, Enhancements in Community Infrastructure, Google Season of Docs – Welcome Favour and Swati!, Upcoming Mautic Sprints and Release dates

  • Acquia and the future of Mautic (feat. Thomas Kraehe)
    New Mautic versions, Mautic 3 Install guide, New Email builder released, New Landing page builder announced, Mautic's phoning home feature & Configuration file parameters, Interview Thomas Kraehe, Mautic 3.1 sprint, MautiCon sprint Aug/27