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  • Mautic Conference & Hidden Gems (feat. Andy Towne)
    Mautic 4.1, Gitpod, Mautic Conference Europe, DOI Plugin, FB Custom Audiences, Mautic Contact Interface, Contact List Columns, GrapesJS Builder, User Survey, Mautic Pitchdeck

  • A Loyalty Program with Mautic (feat. Matic Zagmajster)
    And: Mautic 4, Email Builder & MJML, Two Factor Authentication, Mautic Information in Gmail, Transactional vs. Marketing Emails, High Frequency Campaigns, "How Ideas Become Features", Integration, Image Management, Scoring Actions for Tags and Segments, Mautic Info in Ad Platform Stats, Mautic Community: Q3 Roundup, Poll: Are you using Gated Videos?, Mautic Conference Europe (Belgium, Nov/8)

  • Special: Mautic Conference Global 2021
    And: Mautic 4, Plugin Development, Oauth, Multi Domain, Kubernetes, Recaptcha 3, Tracker from Thunderbird, WooCommerce, Mautic Conference North America 2021 (Nov/8)

(All episodes) (German version)