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Our three latest episodes

These are our three latest episodes

  • Omnichannel & Voice with Mautic (feat. Gaurav Mishra)
    Mauticast Newsletter Mautic 3.2.2 Xmas Release Upcoming Security Updates Email Verification Crowd Funding Email Deliverability OSTraining Tutorial: Anniversary Campaign Interview: Omnichannel & Voice with Mautic (feat. Gaurav Mishra) MautiCon 2021

  • n8n: Connecting Mautic to other Apps (feat. Tanay Pant)
    12 Months of Mauticast, Mautic 2.16.4/3.2.1, MautiCon Recap, Tiger Teams, Strategic Initiatives, Tag Manager, Mailgun, Recaptcha, Mautic on Raspberry Pi, Auth0, MautiCon 2021, Gone: Unofficial Mautic Newsletter – New: Mauticast Newsletter, Call for Cases

  • Mautic from a Salesforce Perspective (feat. Juan Fach)
    Mautic 3.1.2, Tutorials: Controlling Sender Address, Campaign Logic, Multilingual DOI, Workflow Automators, Twig Form Actions, Trello plugin, Q3 Community Roundup, Mautic 3.2 Timeline, MautiCon